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Pole-To-Pole Announcements

A section that holds public information and broadcasts for you to use in your technical writing or documentation.


Inquiry, Exploration, Fact

To go after the truth with data-backed papers from research journals, our online library filters through the many pre-print and peer-reviewed papers that are out there.


Enhance Yourself

As a creative person involved in aspects of science and technology, some tools could take your project to the next level. Here is a pool of all resources - Hardware & Software – you might require.

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Engaged & Interested

Attending events is the most organic way of meeting peers, sharing ideas, and hearing what’s cutting-edge in your field. We keep you updated with conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.


People of STEAM

Community is the way to take any invention and make it an innovation. Find the profiles of your peers and see what kind of research their working on or papers they’ve published.


Playhouses & Workspaces

Every person that makes or breaks things needs a comfortable place for making, breaking, and testing. Here is a portal for you to book labs, workspaces, and testing facilities that fit your demand.

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The Job Shuffle

In a mismatched world of getting the right job to the right person, this is an online registry to post and apply for creative assignments, technical jobs, and government tenders for the eligible.


A Union of Missions & Visions

Every person can be part of an institution, a private company, a government agency, or an NGO by helping fill the gaps of Creative & R&D efforts they posted or send an innovative idea that you can lead.


Financing Tasking

Contributions in the first phase can propel a project to completion. So, here is a common room for teams to post their project and for investors or individuals to fund them.

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