Invesment required for marketing to the planned user base is


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Easily Gain Customers

We've got an extensive list of taxi appliation using customers which can be used for marketing your application and getting more userbase for your application.

Minified Marketing

We have simple marketing strategies taken care of and you get the most customers by targeting the best slice of audience who will be willing to use your application.

Extensive Support

In our ultimate package you'll be given extensive support 24*7 where all the technical queries that might come up will be answered, have peace of mind knowing that we've got you covered.

We Help to Increase Your App Downloads

Get huge number of downloads by concentrating on the users who are the most viable candates to becoming your customers.

We'll take care of reaching the juciest spots in the market to get you the most number of customers who will continue using your platform.

You can go at rocket speeds from zero to thousands of customers in the blink of an eye and you'll never know what hit you.

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Get More Drivers With Unlimited PRO

With the simplest of user interfaces and a huge technical support backing you, you can get all the drivers you might need to get your ride services up and running.

Expanding your services has never been this easy, with our ultimate package you'll face no roadblocks. we'll expand your support as your business keeps expanding and adding more drivers will be a synch.

Along with targeting possible customers, we also include targeting drivers who might be willing to take up a job change and try joining other businesses. This gives you a greater chance of expanding your driver base.

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Live Taxi Users are Now Your Customers

In world where uber and services like uber are at the forefront of ride hailing service, people still look for better alternatives, we leverage these customers to get you loyal customers.

By focusing of these realtime users you get to increase the userbase with least effort.

Leave the part of reaching out to these customers to us and we'll get your income source flowing. See your business turn into a money churning machine in months!

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Easy to Engage your Customers

After you've started getting live customers, next major part is not letting them go away by engaging them. We help retain your customer and drivers as well.

We provide easy and proven engaging techniques to make your customers want to stay back for more.

Giving out offers and attracting your users to continue using your application is easy peasy, we'll help your send out reminders, push notifications and messages to get their attention.

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Michael Howard

CEO, CornerSwap

Joe Garcia

CEO, StyleMeBar

Go Yoshida

CEO, WeellApp

Kennedy McMahon

CEO, CarWash

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Frequently Asked Questions

A car rental software is used by pure car rental companies like Avis. The software helps such companies to setup a rental management system and manage all the cars that have been rented out. It also has features for fleet management etc. Most car rental companies provide cars that needs to be self driven by the renter.

A vehicle hire software is used mainly by Taxi dispatch companies. These companies provide cab, taxi on hire for passengers. The duration of the hire can be anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours on an average. Innovative companies like UBER, LYFT etc. have taken the standards of vehicle hire software to next level. Most vehicle hire companies provide cars that have a driver driving it for you.

Yes. That is what we have been doing with our Smart car software suite. The best features of any car rental software, Fleet management, Taxi Dispatch systems etc. have been merged to give an awesome & seamless experience.