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UI UX agency building things that consumers enjoy.

Creating UX designs that balance user demands with company objectives.

Our Services

Create brands and goods the proper way!

Unveiling valuable market insights and customer preferences for your business success.

Data-driven research may be used to develop tailored tactics to help you make better decisions.

Our skilled recruitment services can help you connect with the ideal users and realise the full potential of your product.

Great products start with intuition, expand with passion, and only flourish with thorough research findings.

Dynamic workshops may help your brand reach its full potential by sparking innovation and cultivating brand excellence.

Increase your market visibility with our carefully created brand strategies that engage your customers on a deeper level.

Our specialised services will help you capture the actual spirit of your brand, increasing its value and resonant voice.

Our comprehensive brand architecture solutions will help you provide a solid foundation for your brand's development and scalability.

Leave an indelible impression on your audience with appealing brand identities and designs that tell your unique narrative.

Our branded environment and governance expertise will help to provide a seamless and consistent brand experience across all media.

We imbue ideas with personality, give concepts voice, and form sentiments.

Create smooth and user-centric experiences to improve your product's performance and satisfy your consumers.

Transform your concept into visually appealing and intuitive interfaces that entice consumers and increase engagement.

Our intelligent design approach improves user interactions and fosters deep connections.

Bring your items to life with exciting motion graphics and intriguing images that make an indelible mark.

Improve your user experience by producing convincing and succinct UX content that guides and delights your users at every stage.

We handpick concepts from product, technology, branding, and business to create user experiences that astound!

Propel your company ahead with our custom marketing tactics that promote growth and ROI.

Engage your audience with cinematic TV commercials and ad films that make a lasting impact.

With our creative experience, we can help your brand reach its maximum potential by creating appealing campaigns and designs.

Our tried-and-true SEO tactics will increase your online presence and help you top search rankings.

With data-driven content strategy and experienced assistance, you can propel your business to success.

Connect, connect, and convert your target audience with effective social media marketing that produces results.

Our innovative and creative campaigns convert your concepts into leads, values into relationships, and interests into purchases.

Transform Your Vision into Reality

A superior strategy for transforming your business

Step 1


The project begins with many inquiries to get insight into your business, product, and user base. It is an important step in aligning stakeholders and the entire team around a single purpose. It also helps us plan the project more successfully.


Conduct a workshop with all stakeholders to acquire product expertise, industry insights, project goals, and target users.


Every project is subjected to our routine research procedures. an examination of the market conditions, rivals, and consumers at the moment.


Once the company and users are well understood, we outline the issues, set targets, and create an ideation strategy.

Step 2 Step 2


At this point, we generate concepts for new product features and challenges, concentrating on user duties and technological viability.


Create a comprehensive concept for the complete product, including all the pages, functions, and reasoning that assist users in achieving their objectives.

Information Architecture

To facilitate user job completion, all information is logically and clearly routed throughout the product.


Constructing the product's framework and adding all of its features and functionalities. They also assist you in picturing the finished item.

Step 3 Step 3


Designing visually appealing interfaces that align with the brand's style. We construct interactive prototypes to discover and improve design flaws based on feedback.


Preparing images to improve the appearance and feel.

Visual Design

Develop visual concepts based on the brand and moodboard. After settling on a direction, we apply the style to the remaining displays.

Design System

Create through documentation with colours, fonts, and components to assist developers and internal design teams.

Step 4 Step 4


The last stage involves transferring all assets and expertise to the product/tech team.

Hand Off

To facilitate development, the design system includes a succinct document with clear directions.

UI Animations

We provide a variety of files and films to enhance the end result. Developers can utilise these guidelines to construct animations.

Prototype & Testing

We test design prototypes to confirm assumptions and conclusions. Testing can occur at numerous phases of the process, including wireframes and graphic design.

Let’s build something

Why choose Zethic as a UI UX design studio?

Quicker time to market

Our methods are optimised to meet tight timeframes.

Adaptable Engagement Models

We recognise that no two working partnerships are identical.

Driven By Results

Balancing your company goals while ensuring consumer satisfaction

Industry-Wide Experience

We understand domain subtleties and design with perspective in mind.

Omni-Channel Approches

Creating a cohesive digital narrative for your brand

Competitive Advantage

We plan to keep your business ahead of the curve.

We get things done




Use the Agile method to iterate designs and focus on new objectives.

Suitable for

SMEs and Conglomerates with large complex projects.

Project Duration

3-12 Months

Fixed Scope

Launch swiftly with a high-performing minimum viable product.

Suitable for

Startups and entrepreneurs selling specialised items.

Project duration

3-12 Months


As one of the best UI/UX design firms with a highly experienced staff, we prefer to focus more on the research process in each specific market for every given project, making data-driven design decisions.

As a thought leader in the UI/UX sector, we take the term "UX design" literally. U = User X = Experience Design = Problem Solving. To remove any prejudices, we begin each project by getting to know the person and truly understanding them. We identify the problem and work on creating intuitive user experiences. Some of our focus areas include:

  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Mapping User Emotions
  • Empathy
  • Affordance
  • UX Research
  • UX Audit
  • UX Testing

Yes! As a comprehensive and multidimensional UI/UX Design Studio, we also work on Brand Design, Print, and Publication Design.

As a UX agency, we are driven by four values: results, transparency, freedom, and helping others. We specialise in a wide range of design and development tasks, from creating new products to reworking current mobile applications, websites, and business software. In other words, we have everything you need to build a successful digital product. This encompasses user research, product strategy, UX testing, brand and UX design, UX motion, sprint workshop, and digital illustration.

Yes, we do branding as part of our UX/UI design assignments. We're a user experience agency, thus branding is always an important aspect of our UX/UI design projects. We work on brand design in three stages: brand understanding and research, defining the brand design approach, and brand positioning.

We work on our Corporate Innovation Lab, which creates venues for organisations to stimulate design thinking and innovation. We want to create a lab that is adapted to each company's unique demands and workforce population. Another fascinating thing we do at our organisation is set aside every Friday to learn a new skill and express our creativity. At the end of the day, what counts most is the quality of our UX design work and the workmanship that goes into it. We design digital products and user interfaces that are simple to use, visually appealing, and effectively reflect your brand.

There are numerous differences between mobile app and online UX design. These include lower screen sizes, touch-based interactions, performance optimisation, contextual aspects, offline capabilities, and navigation patterns. While some concepts and best practices apply to both, designers must consider these distinctions when developing a user experience.

You may keep up with the newest advances in mobile app UX design by reading industry magazines and blogs, attending conferences and events, joining online forums, following thought leaders on social media, and experimenting with new tools and approaches. Staying up to date allows you to build new and successful user experiences.

There are some common pitfalls that designers and developers should avoid while designing mobile app user experiences. These include overcomplicating the design, skipping usability testing, disregarding platform rules, poor navigation, and delayed load times. To prevent these issues, prioritise simplicity, usability testing, adhering to platform requirements, providing straightforward navigation, and optimising app performance. By avoiding these pitfalls, designers and developers may create engaging, intuitive, and successful mobile app user experiences.

User research is an important part of mobile app UX design since it allows designers and developers to better understand users' wants and behaviours. This insight may be gathered through a variety of research approaches, including surveys, interviews, and usability testing, and applied to build compelling and productive mobile app experiences.
User research may also pinpoint areas for improvement in current apps, resulting in a more user-friendly experience that attracts and maintains users. Overall, user research should be undertaken throughout the design and development process to ensure that the finished product satisfies the requirements and expectations of the intended audience.

A UI/UX design studio may tremendously assist any company or brand by providing a favourable user experience for its digital products. A well-designed user interface may boost consumer engagement and retention, whilst a positive user experience can assist develop brand loyalty and enhance conversions. Understanding human wants and behaviours allows a UI/UX design studio to build interfaces that are intuitive and simple to use, resulting in higher user satisfaction and less user irritation.
Finally, investing in a UI/UX design studio may help organisations and brands differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive digital world.

A UI/UX design studio is a specialised firm that only creates intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and experiences for digital goods. Unlike a standard design agency, which may provide a variety of creative services, a UI/UX design studio employs a specialised team of professionals in user research, information architecture, and interaction design. They adopt a user-centered design approach to guarantee that the finished product is not only visually beautiful, but also simple to use and fits the demands of its intended audience.

Choosing the best UI/UX design firm for your project requires a few key factors. Begin by evaluating the studio's portfolio and skills to ensure they are compatible with your project objectives and sector. Look for a team with a variety of talents and expertise that communicates properly and keeps you updated throughout the process. It's also critical to assess the studio's design approach and if it fits with your project's timeframe and objectives. Finally, check for price clarity and a willingness to work within your budget. Taking the time to explore these characteristics will help you select the best partner for your project.

To improve mobile app UX design for higher conversion rates, keep it simple, maintain fast load times, use clear and recognisable iconography, make it easy to browse, utilise colours efficiently, test and iterate, and give a frictionless checkout experience. By following these guidelines and constantly improving your design, you can optimise your mobile app UX design and increase conversion rates.

Some of the rising trends in mobile app UX design are: Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular because it decreases eye strain, extends battery life, and gives a sleek, contemporary appearance. Gesture-based interfaces replace traditional buttons and menus, allowing users to interact with programmes more intuitively. Personalisation: Apps are increasingly integrating data and artificial intelligence to provide individualised recommendations and suggestions. Voice interaction: Voice assistants and voice commands are becoming increasingly common, allowing users to navigate apps and do activities without typing. Augmented reality (AR): Mobile applications employ AR to deliver immersive experiences like virtual try-ons for apparel or furnishings. These trends will certainly continue to shape the future of mobile apps.


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