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Augmented Reality App Development Company

Zethic is the best augmented reality app development company, leveraging deep technical expertise to deliver innovative solutions across diverse industries. Our augmented reality app development services drive market success and elevate brand recognition.

Interactive User Experience

Reduce Language Barriers

Enhance Engagement

Detailed Analytics

Personalized Content


Our Augmented Reality App Development Services

Our most trusted augmented reality app development services combine cutting-edge technology with innovative designs to captivate users and drive engagement.

AR Mobile App Development

AR Mobile App Development

Using the latest OS compatibilities, we will develop scalable and secure AR app development for Android and iOS. Our designers will create an app that is unique, interactive, and attractive.

AR Game Development

AR Game Development

AR app development team have outstanding technical skills and proficiency in AR game development services that offer their users an immersive gaming experience.

Marker-Based AR

Marker-Based AR

Provide your users with lifelike digital overlays with multimedia content and let them interact with them by pointing a camera at a specific trigger point (AR marker).

 Markerless AR

Markerless AR

Our cutting-edge markerless AR development services are designed to enhance your experience of the real world by allowing you to detect specific points of objects in a scene.

Location-based AR

Location-based AR

In order to create believable AR models without using markers, apps use GPS and built-in sensors, as well as complex object and scene recognition algorithms.

Custom AR Development

Custom AR Development

AR app developed services by Zethic extend real-world scenes with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering, providing an interactive user experience.

OUR PROCESS of AR App Development

Our Augmented Reality App Development Services Process

Our top-notch augmented reality app development services process is complex and requires meticulous planning, design, and execution. We meticulously plan and execute each step, from ideation to deployment, with precision and attention to detail.


Requirements Analysis

Requirements Analysis

Our business analysts study your project requirements and determine the scope that needs to be done to avoid miscommunication.


Design & Planning

Design & Planning

Based on your business requirements, we outline product specifications and design basic wireframes that lead to a clickable prototype.




Our team starts developing your AR application, based on agile methodology, with every sprint being approved on the client's side.




A quality software product can never be released without rigorous testing, so we carefully test your AR app from all angles before releasing it.



In addition to regular updates, bug fixes, and usability improvements, we are ready to help when scaling, integration, or other issues arise.


Benefits of Augmented Reality App Development

Marketing Opportunities

Marketing Opportunities

Distinguish yourself from rivals with AR development, crafting captivating advertising and marketing content. Harness this distinctive technology to offer exclusive viral apps, 3D interactive product models, and more, setting your brand apart.

Enhanced Engagement

Enhanced Engagement

AR fosters interactive, lasting experiences that elevate customer engagement and strengthen brand loyalty. By offering captivating interactions, AR establishes deeper connections, making businesses stand out.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances communication by offering real-time visual instructions and annotations, improving clarity and understanding. It enables seamless transmission of information, fostering efficient collaboration and shared understanding.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

AR offers real-time visual assistance to technicians, expediting maintenance and repairs by providing step-by-step guidance and visual overlays. This leads to quicker issue resolution and enhanced operational efficiency, reducing downtime and costs.

Augmented Entertainment

Augmented Entertainment

AR revolutionizes entertainment by seamlessly merging digital content with reality, enriching enjoyment through interactive and immersive experiences. This fusion creates unique and captivating engagements, enhancing user satisfaction and entertainment value.

Efficient Training

Efficient Training

By utilizing AR-based training, employee skills are elevated through immersive simulations, leading to shorter training periods and lowered costs. This approach offers hands-on learning experiences, expediting skill acquisition and boosting overall efficiency.


Augmented Reality Platforms
We Work With

Our Augmented Reality (AR) services encompass a wide array of offerings to create innovative and immersive experiences.

Apple ARKit
Google ARCore

Augmented Reality Platforms
We Work With

Our Augmented Reality (AR) services encompass a wide array of offerings to create innovative and immersive experiences.

Apple ARKit
Google ARCore

Virtual Reality Platforms
We Work With

Our Virtual Reality (VR) services encompass a wide array of offerings to create innovative and immersive experiences.

Unity 3D
Unreal Engine
Cry Engine
Sketch Up
Tilt Brush

Industries Covered through Augmented Reality App Development!



Food & Beverages


Health & Fitness



Why Trust Zethic's
Augmented Reality App Development Services

Zethic is a top Augmented Reality app development company with a reputation as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to improve customer experiences and boost engagement.

Technical Proficiency

In-house capacity

Built-In scalability

Cross-Domain Competencies

Focused on Clients Business

Clear Delivery Model


Hire Our Dedicated Augmented Reality App Developers

Hire our dedicated augmented reality app developers at Zethic to elevate your business to new heights. With our experienced team, we offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your project needs. Whether it’s UX design or software development, trust Zethic for unbeatable results.

Industry We Serve

Industries we serve

We provide solutions for a variety of industries, from Logistics to Healthcare and many more, that improve business performance and increase return on investment.

FinTech Development Services for Diverse Business Demands

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide them with a solution that will help their business grow and succeed.

  • Immersive Design Integration
  • Personalization of financial systems
  • Improved customer service
  • High security

Expertise in creating innovative EdTech solutions

We are a team of dedicated software developers and tech experts who were brought together to create the best-in-class e-learning applications with custom features.

  • Video conversion & live interaction
  • Manage courses, students, and teachers
  • Highly interactive
  • Schedule lectures at your own pace

We Make Medical Technologies better with our Software

We strive to provide innovative and cutting-edge services that align with the dynamic healthcare industry's requirements.

  • Mobilize healthcare system
  • User friendly for patients.
  • More connected & efficient.
  • High Security

Build a successful On-Demand service app with us

Even while on-demand services' fundamental operation may appear to be the same across all industries, there is a very distinct difference based on the stakeholder relationships. On-demand service apps can be divided into three categories.

  • B2C On-Demand Services
  • B2B On-Demand Services
  • C2C On-Demand Services

Business process services can help accelerate growth for hospitality clients.

Digital technology might be the hospitality sector's saving grace as it attempts to recover. We assist you in developing a global digital strategy by helping you consider several options.These sectors include

  • Food and Beverages
  • Lodging
  • Recreation
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Meetings and Events

Being more efficient with a logistic software

Our highly proficient developers, specializing in logistics applications, have exhaustively explored cutting-edge technology tools, current trends, and dynamic frameworks.

  • Transport management system
  • Real-time tracking
  • Dashboard to monitor activities
  • Supply chain management

Explore the eminence of our social media solutions

Our expert services aim to ensure our clients are equipped with the tools necessary to attain their ultimate objectives.

  • Social chatbots for different industry
  • User-friendly apps
  • Provide users with feature-rich resources.
  • High standard security

Offering our expertise in e-commerce development services

With our expertise, we can help create an innovative and unique eCommerce platform that will cater to the needs and demands of your target audience, resulting in business growth and expansion.

  • Responsive websites
  • User friendly
  • Innovative features and technologies
  • SEO friendly websites

Improve your SaaS growth processes with us

Our objective is to create robust digital products that enhance the overall user experience through seamless personalization and security measures to ensure user protection.

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • E-Commerce
  • Social networking

Grow your business with our digital entertainment solutions

Our organization, which specializes in creating apps for entertainment purposes, possesses an astute understanding of the future requirements of this field.

  • Music streaming
  • Video streaming
  • News aggregator
  • Podcasting

We are an emerging app development focused on travel services

Providing your customers with the convenience of online booking or hotel reservations can significantly enhance their overall experience.

  • Security and compliance
  • Dynamic application
  • All-in-one package

What People Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, the cost of AR app development services depends on the scope, expected results, allocated budget, and other crucial factors. You can contact us and ask all your questions individually. In addition to analyzing and discussing your project requirements, we'll estimate the budget together.

Regardless of the project scope and budget, simple AR app development solutions can be delivered within 160 working hours. However, our team may require more time if you want to develop a full-featured, custom AR application. In some instances, companies may need nine months or even longer to develop a massive AR project. But it's a thin line to walk, so let's talk about all the details and estimate the exact timeframe.

There are a variety of augmented reality platforms, such as SceneKit, Vuforia, Unity 3D, and Unreal Engine. But depending on your business needs, you can use either markerless or marker-based AR.

Certainly! We develop the apps for you, monitor its performance, and ensure that our team is available 24/7. We also offer app maintenance services so that any issues can be resolved.

Let’s create your incredible digital product together